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Curtis Armstrong: Actor, Author

Mathew Blanchfield: Activist, Founder of the website Liberal Resistance, former CEO of 1st in SEO

Randy Bryce: Former congressional candidate, Wisconsin Democrat

Sean Carrigan: Former congressional candidate, South Carolina Democrat

Alexandra Chandler: Former congressional candidate, former intelligence analyst, Massachusetts Democrat

Joe Cirincione: President of Ploughshares Fund, Author, former vice president for national security and international policy at the Center for American Progress

Jim Clancy: Former foreign correspondent for CNN, award winning journalist

January Contreras: Former candidate for state attorney general, Arizona Democrat

Bianca de la Rosa: Social Media Activist

Justin Dewitt: Former congressional candidate, Louisiana Democrat

Aaron Ford: Nevada Attorney General, former Democratic leader of the Nevada State Senate

Jemhu Green: Activist, former candidate for DNC chairperson, Fox News commentator

Jaime Harrison: Associate Chair of the DNC, former candidate for DNC chairperson, former chair of the South Carolina Democratic Party

Michael Isikoff: Author, chief investigative correspondent for Yahoo! News

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA): Vice Chairman of the DCCC

Christine Eady Mann: Doctor, former congressional candidate, Texas Democrat

Chris Mayor: Former candidate for state representative, Tennessee Democrat

Cathy Myers: Janesville (WI) School Board, former congressional candidate, Wisconsin Democrat

Dana Nessel: State Attorney General of Michigan

Jess Phoenix: A founder of Blueprint Earth, former congressional candidate, California Democrat

Propane Jane: Social Media Activist, contributor to the Daily Koz

Qasim Rashid and Tayyib Rashid: Human rights activists and advocates of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in America

Steven Reynolds: Former congressional candidate, Tennessee Democrat

Jon Svitavsky: Advocate for the homeless, former Senate candidate, Vermont Democrat

Christine Triebsch: Attorney, former state senate candidate, Georgia Democrat

Shannon Watts: Founder of Moms Demand Action now a part of Everytown For Gun Safety

Dane Weeks: Social Media activist

David Yancovich: Democratic operative, former congressional candidate in Wisconsin