About Majority 60

There is a corruption storm surging over Washington DC.

Welcome to Majority60. This site is dedicated to electing Democrats. It’s not enough to support members of the Democratic Party locally. Mitch McConnell has hijacked our country. First using parliamentary rules to block judges, including a Supreme Court Justice during the Obama administration to court packing during the last three years. The top priority, nationally for Democrats can’t be to just elect a legitimate president. We must win a majority in the US Senate-preferably a 60 vote #Majority60.

Here you will find interview conversations with candidates, lawmakers and activists. Majority 60 rarely endorses during primaries and is happy to give equal time to candidates seeking the same office. This is a place to introduce candidates, rally support and propose policy. I hope you enjoy your time here. The nation is in a strange paradox right now. The sky is not falling. But the America we’ve built is under a more insidious threat. The erosion of truth, the discarding of fact, the trampling on the law and a real challenge to the sanctity of our elections. Take it seriously. Get engaged.