A Better Way Forward: Herb Jones for VA State Senate (2019 Election)

Herb Jones is running for state senate in Virginia’s 3rd district in 2019. He took some time to visit with Majority 60 to talk about the case he’s making for a better way forward in the commonwealth. Jones has already served three terms as New Kent County Treasurer, and it was easy to see why the people of New Kent trusted him. “I’m a retired combat veteran with 30-years of service,” he said. He did two tours in Iraq and was awarded the Bronze Star.   

“My decision to run for [state] office was an evolution that started when I learned that because Virginia chose not to incorporate healthcare expansion in Virginia, we forfeited more than 12 billion dollars in federal funds,” Jones told me. “I believe everyone should have access to affordable healthcare. As the greatest nation in history, we can, and should, do this.”

The Medicaid expansion became a reality after the Democrats’ successful 2017 elections, but expanding Medicaid was only one giant step forward on a long path. Jones said, “We still need to simplify access to healthcare. We need to work with our congressional leaders to provide universal healthcare to all Virginians and work to create a public healthcare option that will include preventive measures for healthcare, dental, and vision.”

I asked him if there is a way for the state government to push past the partisanship that has paralyzed much of the country. He sees a path forward by working with Democrats and Republicans for criminal justice reform. “It’s time to regulate the adult use of cannabis. That will generate tax revenue, create jobs, and save expenditures in incarcerations for cannabis possession.”

Jones wants to “revamp income and personal property tax structure” to attract businesses to the state and grow opportunity for Virginians to be secure in their ability to attain the American Dream. He wants to take the experience that he’s gleaned in the military, as County Treasurer, and as CEO of his own company, Pyramid Technologies, LLC to serve the people of Virginia. “I have learned a great deal since my decision to enter this race. I believe it’s wrong for politicians to use their office to enrich themselves or their friends.”

Virginians deserve a state senator who will be there to protect their interests. Herb Jones is ready to be that state senator.

Virginia has its state legislature elections in 2019. You can support Herb Jones by visiting Herb Jones for Virginia and follow him on Twitter @herb4virginia

You can learn more about all of the Democrats fighting for a better way forward in Virginia by visiting 90for90.