The world is watching the United States of America as Vladimir Putin’s puppet continues to disrupt, divide and diminish the only remaining superpower on the planet. As Putin tries to rebuild the Soviet Union from his memories and China emerges, the people of the United States, the true seat of power in this land have a decision to make.

Will they-no…Will we continue to allow this?

Democrats in Congress will have two great responsibilities as Representative Nancy Pelosi retakes the gavel: to govern and to enact genuine oversight of the executive branch. In 2019 the press will demand that they justify every action. They will ignore virtually every bill put forward. They will exaggerate and try desperately to predict the outcome of every investigation. This brings me to the obligation of the party.

The Democratic Party needs to recognize that this is not a battle for truth or justice. It is not a battle for political gain-although that will likely be the end result. On the cusp of this third year of an illegitimate presidency the Democrats must wage a ‘war’ for the hearts and minds of America. They must focus on restoring trust in America’s institutions. The fate of the world may depend on it.

It’s time to reverse engineer conservatism as it exists today thanks to people like Newt Gingrich and Donald Trump. Most Americans do not want to dismantle the New Deal, they don’t want to discard the Great Society. They just don’t trust the corrupt, inept, bloated American government to implement programs that will expand opportunity and improve their lives. Restoring and earning the trust of Americans regardless of parties has to be the top priority. That’s why we can’t just say no more corporate funded campaigns-we have to explain what’s wrong with that or fix what’s wrong with that. We can’t just say stop voter suppression. We have to convince the press to tell the stories of the fight for the right to vote and what happens to the people who have their voice stolen away.

The candidates who are prepping for 2020 need to call a truce. It’s time for a Democratic 11th Commandment. Thou shalt not attack another Democrat. Make the case for your policy. Talk privately about the shortcomings of opposing views and let the people decide. And after the people make their decision, lay down your weapons until the next primary season and support the party’s candidates.

Whether it’s Beto or Kamala, Biden or Klobuchar,Castro or Warren, or someone we haven’t yet met, the Democratic candidate will need every Democrat, every independent and every never-Trump Republican behind them. Trump and Trumpism needs to be contained until 2020, investigated, defeated soundly and prosecuted for crimes committed. That’s the way we make America great again.

Happy New Year, patriots. Onward!

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