Dear Hillary, Do What You Want

Without bloviating as Mark Penn or Bradley Honan and Arick Wierson did recently, I would like to take a moment to speak to Secretary Clinton.

Hillary, you have made yourself a political icon. Your enemies have made you a straw-man.

Two years after you defeated Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, a hostile press,  massive voter suppression that continues in 2018, a rouge FBI director who decided that his ego was more important than the country and 25 years of a political influence campaign designed to make you look like the woman who took over Satan’s thrown to earn 2.7 million more votes but not the presidency, we’re already hearing from the peanut gallery about what you should do in 2020.  I can’t imagine what it must feel like to be the best at what you do only to have the goal stolen away not once but twice.

Listening to people discuss your future without involving you in the conversation is somehow personal for me even though we’ve never met. I remember only one presidential candidate receiving similar treatment. It was the last Democrat to win an election yet lose the presidency. Vice President Al Gore also heard the pundits tell him to run or more frequently to run (however I don’t recall him being told to take up knitting). The ones I always heard the most chatter from were the ones who never asked what Al wanted. They never trusted the voters to decide whether it was a good idea for the former Senator, Vice President and leading environmental advocate the world over to try and become president. Who knows, he might have done better than President Kerry.

While you are considering whether to run or whether to support a candidate of your choice, I hope you will remember that some of us are truly thankful for the trail you have blazed, the policies you championed. (We don’t get much TV time) You have seemingly always known that you’d make a great president. Should you decide to run in 2020, you know that the hope of having a media that treats you fairly will be too much to ask for, you will be facing a Republican Party that was all too willing to exploit the deaths of brave Americans to simply lower your poll numbers at the expense of millions in tax dollars (long before Trump), you will be facing cyber attacks sponsored by the Russian Federation unimpeded by an executive branch all too happy to benefit from espionage. You will also face ridiculous levels of in-fighting from the Democratic Party that you are largely responsible for building.  Despite all of that, I believe in you and I believe you can and should win. But you deserve better than you’ll ever get.

Lastly, if you decide to face all of this down and run against these odds, I will still be with you.