David Yankovich Withdraws From W01 Race and Endorses Bryce

The Democratic Party is being talked about in headlines like “Democrats Will Never Get Their Shit Together,” or “What’s Wrong With the Democrats?” For readers who vote for Democrats, it might seem as if there is no hope and no future. But that simply isn’t the case and today in Wisconsin’s 1st District, two Democrats vying for the Congressional seat currently held by House Speaker Paul Ryan, show their party the way.

…today in Wisconsin, two Democrats vying for the Congressional seat currently held by House Speaker Paul Ryan, show their party the way.

With Donald Trump hanging around Ryan’s proverbial neck (like every other Republican up for re-election in 2018), the speaker is counting on a hotly contested, divisive primary, rehashing 2016. But David Yankovich decided that he could remove that possibility and give the Democrats a legitimate chance to win by throwing his social media savvy and considerable fundraising ability behind his primary opponent, Randy Bryce so they can focus the fight, not on each other but on the toxic policies of Speaker Ryan.

When Ryan had no primary opponent, Yankovich moved to Wisconsin’s 1st district to challenge the entrenched incumbent. He almost instantly raised six figures nationally based on a simple tweet. “How bad do you want him gone?”

Just a couple of weeks ago he sat down for a phone interview with this author and his enthusiasm was infectious, “I think if we can all come together, no one can stop us. I think that if both sides of the party were able to get on board and just understand that politics isn’t purity, you know, we have to compromise sometimes, we have to fight sometimes. We have to get together. I think, in 2018, we could really take back everything we lost.”

Today he put his money where his mouth is. The road-map is clear. Democrats need to avoid the constant infighting and district by district, settle on the strongest chance they have to win. “What people are going through matters more than pride,” Yankovich told me.

“What people are going through matters more than pride.”

After the Republicans were able to scare enough people away from a health care plan that in 2017 millions are now marching to save, it will take clear messengers with integrity to restore trust in American institutions. The new administration and GOP Congress led by Speaker Ryan are proving daily that it’s easy to complain and obstruct, it’s a lot more complicated to govern. Who knew?

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And you can help elect Randy Bryce the new congressman from the Wisconsin 01 by donating HERE and follow Randy on Twitter @IronStache