In the Obama era, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and others conspired to use the (threat of) filibuster as the weapon of choice to suffocate the legacy of the first African American president in its crib. It became necessary to reach 60 Senate votes to pass virtually any legislation—the number of Senate votes needed to break a filibuster. So, when creating this space, the goal was established to elect 60 Democrats (and as many independents that wish to caucus with Democrats) to the U. S. Senate-hence the name “Majority 60.” But far beyond that, this website is designed to be partisan in a productive way. It is by Democrats for Democrats (and for Independents). The pieces written within are placed here to convince readers to get out and vote for Democrats, it is to promote Democratic values and is a place where candidates and incumbents alike can come to introduce themselves and lay out their prescriptions to improve the nation. I hope this will drive support for Democrats running for office and their polices, start conversations and define what voters need to vote against and demonstrate what they’re voting for. Here’s to electing majorities—not just in the Senate—but in the House and in all 50 States.

PS. Dear Democrats; the American South is ready for growth and inclusion. They have been taken for granted by Republicans, been infected by corruption and need to be contested. Voters need to see what their potential is, what working together can accomplish and how a truly integrated society can provide a more peaceful, prosperous and joyous future for every American. There are 50 States—Build the Blue.